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New for 2013, the TriVa is a powerful Counter Current Swimming System which focuses on athletes.

The TriVa jets were designed using the latest computer simulation technology, and have been designed to deliver a flat current directly under the water surface where the athlete needs the most resistance during training - on the chest and shoulders.

Unlike other Counter Current Systems, the TriVa features no air entrainment to minimise any water turbulence on the surface.  Also, to ensure an optimal swimming channel, the WAVE safety water intake covers are positioned across the pool from the TriVa faceplate.

Available in three models of 75m3, 150m3 and 225m3 the TriVa offers models to suit a wide range of swimming abilities and training levels.

From: £8,580.00 + VAT

JetStream TriVa - Counter Current Training System

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· Designed to be suitable for professional training

· Available for flow rates up to 225 cubic metres per hour

· Flat-Stream technology

· Extremely powerful and smooth current

· Less turbulent water surface than conventional counter current systems

· 3-Step operation via the Piezo button

· WAVE safety cover intake grille included

· 75m model - 400V, 3.5kW Three Phase

· 150m model - 400V, 7kW Three Phase (two 3.5kW Pumps - individually controlled)

· 225m model - 400V, 10.5kW Three Phase (three 3.5kW Pumps - individually controlled)

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