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JetStream UK Ltd

The JetStream Lido is a wall mounted massage and hydrotherapy station designed to deliver wellness to your neck and back.

The jet features five nozzles, each delivering a water stream which is packed full of air bubbles, giving a relaxing and gentle massage.

The Lido 2 system uses two jets to deliver an even more complete experience.  After all, a masseuse uses two hands, why not have the same experience in the water.

Lido 2 can also be used as a gentle counter current swimming system.

The Lido faceplate is available in three styles / finishes:

From: £4,352.00 + VAT   (Lido 2 from £5,690.00 + VAT)

JetStream Lido & Lido 2

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· Wall mounted system with five nozzles in one faceplate

· Twin jet Lido 2 system available

· Three faceplace design / finishes to select from

· Delivers a massage to the neck and back

· Promotes health and well being

· Available with either a 3.2kW 1Ph or 3.5kW 3Ph Pump

· Flow 17 litres/sec (1Ph) or 18 litres/sec (3Ph)

· Single jet with 5 nozzles - Twin jet model available

· On / Off pneumatic air switch