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JetStream UK Ltd

Everyones massage requirements are different, so you need a massage system that is flexible as well as powerful.  You need Libra.

Available with either three, four or five jets which can be positioned exactly where you want and need them.  Whether you mount them vertically for an all over back massage, mount them low to work on your knees, or high up for a shoulder massage, the choice is yours.  Of course, with five nozzles, you can achieve a mixture of different massages.

The Libra faceplate is available in three styles / finishes to compliment your Swimming Pool Design:

Simply select your faceplate finish, and then decide whether you’d like 3, 4 or 5 jets.

From: £4,626.00 + VAT

JetStream Libra 3, 4, and 5

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· Wall mounted system with either three, four or five jets

· Three faceplace design / finishes to select from

· Can deliver a massage to any area of the body

· Jets can be mounted according to customers desires

· Promotes health and well being

· Available with either a 3.2kW 1Ph or 3.5kW 3Ph Pump

· Three, four or five nozzle system

· Flow 11/14/18 litres per second (40/50/65 m³/h)

· Seperate suction fitting

· On / Off pneumatic air switch

· Salt water resistant up to 3%