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JetStream UK Ltd

The Juno is the truly versatile Counter Current system.  

Available in three attractive finishes - White, Silver Design, and Stainless Steel it will suit any Swimming Pool, and with flow rates of up to 18 litres per second, it provides excellent performance also.

The swivel nozzle means that the current direction can be adjusted, and the air/water mixture can be varied using the adjustment knobs.

The Juno really is the perfect addition to any Swimming Pool, and its ability can be further enhanced with our range of accessories, see below.

From: £4,050.00 + VAT

JetStream Juno

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· Three finishes available

· Fully adjustable swivel nozzle

· Adjustable air/water mixture

· Self-Priming Pump Option

· Pump Options are 3.2kW Single Phase or 3.5kW Three Phase

· Flow 17 litres/sec (1 Ph) or 18 litres/sec (3 Ph)

· Self-Priming Pump Options available

· Swivel nozzle

· Adjustable flow and air spa

· On / Off pneumatic air switch

· Piezo Button available as an option

· Sea water resistant to 3%

Back Massage Nozzle

£33.00 + VAT

Massage Hose

£124.00 + VAT

Massage Nozzle Massage Hose

Available Accessories. . .