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JetStream UK Ltd

Floating Lounge is an all in one massage and counter current swimming station that not only provides an exercise station, but delivers a complete wellness experience to the whole body.  Suitable for everyone, the Floating Lounge can help people recover from sports or stress injuries, but it’s equally at home in the wellness spa ensuring the user is immersed in complete tranquility and relaxation.

Floating Lounge has several selectable programs – from massage of the whole body to sophisticated sports exercises and physiotherapy work-outs. Massage of the back, of the legs, thighs and feet gives a tingling relaxation.

A powerful pump and strong performance make real training possible. Floating, intensive massage – muscle, back, leg and foot reflex zone – swimming as relaxation, aquawalking and much, much more – let your imagination take over, anything that is good for your well-being is possible with Floating Lounge, the fascinating installation.

For therapists, Floating Lounge is the most innovative solution for the patient’s health. Individual programming allows every hydrotherapy session to be unique – from the field of rehabilitation after sports injuries all the way to senior care.

The design of the Floating Lounge can be integrated into any Swimming Pool architecture, and we are here every step of the way to ensure your Swimming Pool creation fulfils your every requirement.

JetStream Floating Lounge

The FloatingLounge by uwe JetStream is not only a valuable addition to recreational swimming pools, thermal baths, hotel spas and sports clubs, but also to clinics and therapy facilities looking to help their patients get back on their feet gently as well as efficiently.

Dynamic aqua sports

• Relaxing swimming

• Vigorous swimming

• Aqua jogging

• Aqua walking

Flexibility and strength training

• For feet and knees: calf stretching, leg lifts and treading water

• For the hips: forward lunges, straddles, crawl kicks, one-leg jumps and change-overs

• For the spine: thigh stretch, knee curls, presses and cycling

• For the shoulders: cross-arm stretch, hanging stretch and shoulder pull back

• For the arms: elbow bend, arm stretch, push board, standing breaststroke and tennis serve stretch


• A relaxing or muscle loosening full body massage or a massage focused on specific body parts like the back, shoulders,

   gluteus muscles, legs or foot soles

• Deep relaxation

• Floating


• Release of myofascial tension

• Customized muscle and joint training

• Improved muscle circulation

• Improved circulation

• Pain relief

• Regulation of the autonomic nerve system

• Muscle strengthening

• Improved mobility

• Strengthening of the immune system

From: £29,495.00 + VAT

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