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Can’t decide between a Counter Current system and a Hydrotherapy system?  Then the Doppio system is what you need.

The Doppio system can combine a Counter Current system and one of the JetStream Hydrotherapy systems such as the Viva, Lido or Libra, or even one of the massage shower systems.  

The two systems run from a single pump, and at the touch of a button you can seamlessly switch between the two.

Contact us for more information on combinations and pricing.

From: £6,121.00 + VAT

JetStream Doppio

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· Combination system combines Counter Current and Hydrotherapy

· Full Counter Current features

· Self-Priming Pump Option

· Pump Options are 3.2kW Single Phase or 3.5kW Three Phase

· Flow 17 litres/sec (1 Ph) or 18 litres/sec (3 Ph)

· Self-Priming Pump Options available

· Piezo Button available as an option